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Learning to manage people is a valuable skill. This program will help you build your confidence by providing a different view of leadership and articulation techniques for getting everyone on board with an idea or mission!

If you are new to leadership, the Elevating Your Leap into Leadership group program is perfect for you. Participants will get useful tips that you can start to utilize immediately in all your day-to-day interactions with employees. With these focused modules, you'll be able to excel at your managerial responsibilities and hone your leadership skills. The best part is that the group program combines live classes and self-learning modules to start easily and at your own pace.  
This is a VIRTUAL GROUP PROGRAM where you can participate in live classes led by a facilitator and interactively learn about the key topics, as well as download all the handouts to take away and reference at your convenience. You will also be able to access all the recorded sessions and quizzes from the live sessions and review them again and again at your leisure.
Once you register below for the "Elevating Your Leap into Leadership Group Program," we'll walk you through how to get started! We'll also give you some strategies on how to run through the material and what you should do next!
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Why this Program?

Learning the skills to be an effective manager can help in many ways, from building self-confidence to assisting participants to understand the helicopter view of leadership to articulating their ideas and better communicating with others. If you want to truly connect with the team, whether it's 2 or 50 people, this program is for you!


Who is this for?

Anyone new to the responsibility for supervising or managing others. This is also an excellent program for someone looking to move into a management position, making it a fantastic development tool for your high performers showing promise of leadership capabilities.


Whether you're supervising a shift or overseeing a department, being a better people manager will improve your life in many ways other than at work. Each module will offer various tools to level up your managerial and leadership skills.


What Can Participants Expect?

This program will give you an insider look into techniques that we use to help people managers and supervisors incorporate their authentic leadership into practice. Through instructional live classes, videos and examples, participants will get valuable tips that you can start to utilize immediately with employees and excel at their managerial responsibilities. 

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the Facilitator

Hello, I'm Veronica. 


As a chartered Human Resources (CPHR) professional, I'm skilled in all aspects of HR management, including training and development. For over 20+ years, I worked as an HR specialist and executive with many respected brands such as Canadian Pacific Hotels, Fairmont Hotels, and Hilton Hotels & Resorts.


As a consultant, I work with organizations across all sectors and am familiar with the unique characteristics and dynamics of various work environments and organizational structures. As a result, I've had privileged perspectives on co-creating productive and successful workplaces.



I believe everyone deserves

to work in an environment where they can thrive.


The ability to succeed at work is often influenced by the people in charge - the Leaders.


When employees THRIVE, your customers feel it. When customers are happy, they keep coming back. When employees feel supported and see a future with the organization, they are likelier to stick around. In other words, healthy and happy employees lead to a happy a healthy bottom line.


Developing your employees can change an organization and is a proven strategy utilized by the most successful companies in the world. In contrast, ignoring the need for the training and development of your employees can lead to a turnover or, even worse, a disengaged employee who can negatively influence other employees and customers. 


This program offers a  Big Piece of the Puzzle for Entrepreneurs and Executives.  For years, I've been looking for a great "how to manage people" class that focuses on practical tools, real-world examples and challenges we all face when motivating and leading others. I decided to tackle this topic differently in my new group program: Elevating Your Leap into Leadership.


Act today and be the change you wish to see!

The program includes:


  • Twelve (12) weekly 60 to 90-minute LIVE training sessions plus a 30-minute Question and Answer period (starting September 14, 2022). All training sessions are virtual.


  • A tailored approach focuses on the six core functions of leading the type of teams experienced by the participants in the group.

  • Participants will receive access to our online learning hub (The Workplace Academy), containing:

    • Self-paced micro-learning modules to review as pre/post-session assignments.

    • Live class recordings.

    • A selection of tangible templates and tools supports participant learning and immediate implementation.


  • Each participant will receive a personal DiSC® Profile Analysis​. (The DiSC® assessment classifies four core aspects of behaviour by testing a person's preferences through an online assessment. Once this information has been obtained, it is scored to produce a DISC® profile.)

  • A lineup of subject matter expert guest speakers.

"Be enthusiastic as a leader.  

You can't light a fire with a wet match."

Program Learning Outcomes:


  • Participants will acquire technical and functional skills to manage themselves, the work, and their team.

  • Participants develop self-awareness and learn to leverage their strengths when managing people and teams.

  • Participants will take away tangible tools, ideas and skills that can be applied in their management roles. 


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  • Leading vs. managing – understanding the difference.

  • Habits of successful leaders.

  • Identify your personal management strengths.

  • Develop an image of how you want your staff to see you.

  • Learn the key responsibilities and role of a manager​/supervisor.

  • The 7 “C’s” of communication and how to use them in a remote world.

  • Understanding your DiSC® communication style.

  • What happens when communication is poor.

  • Managers as coaches.

  • Feedback Checklist

  • How to enhance team communication.

  • Identify the four corners of accountability – Plan, Do, Check, Act​.

  • Develop relevant goals using the SMART model.

  • Identify all aspects of planning (time, money, people, others).

  • How to conduct an effective 1:1 meeting.

  • How to conduct a successful team meeting.

  • How to address performance issues.

  • Supporting behaviours.

  • Setting clear and measurable goals.

  • Challenging events.

  • Giving feedback in an engaging and inspiring way.

  • Identify and support employee strengths.

  • Ask and encourage your employees.

  • Increase your ability to take others’ perspectives.

  • Understand the role of goals in conflict.

  • Develop a greater awareness of the role of power in conflicts.

  • Be able to identify the influence of emotions in your conflicts.

  • Expand your understanding and use of a range of conflict strategies.

  • Be able to manage conflicts more effectively.

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  • Using the H.E.A.R.T model in your hiring practices.

  • The different ways of recruiting new team members.

  • The role of employer branding.

  • Advertising the job and how to stand out amongst the crowd.

  • Screening resumes and selecting candidates for interviews.

  • Preparing for the interview.

  • Interviewing techniques.

  • Selecting the best candidate for the role.

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