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The HR Accelerator 2024 (sponsored by My Community Futures)

7 Modules

Module #1 - Creating a Motivating Workplace

Assessing your company’s organizational culture is the first step to creating a stimulating work environment where your employees feel heard, appreciated, respected, and safe and where they’re productive and efficient. 

Company culture directly impacts how well your company will perform in the future. It also needs to evolve constantly to support your objectives, which is now more urgent than ever. In their 2018 Global Culture Survey, Katzenbach Center and PWC found out that 80% of respondents said their organization’s culture must change in the next five years for their organization to be successful and grow. Change begins with assessing where you stand. 

Module #2 - Building the Team (Staffing)

We all know hiring is not easy and often takes so much time.  It's key to remember that "time spent hiring is time spent well."  Hiring is one of the most important business decisions you'll ever make. By hiring the right person, who respects customers and co-workers alike, you're cultivating the best customer service experience in the market. ... Without the right person in the right role, you might as well tell potential customers to deal with your competition because that's exactly what they'll do.

Module #3 - Total Rewards (Compensation)

Total Rewards is a comprehensive approach to employee compensation that goes beyond just salary and benefits. It refers to the overall package of rewards and benefits an employer offers its employees in exchange for their work and performance.

Module #4 - Developing the Team (Employee Development)

Developing a team involves nurturing individual team members to work together effectively to achieve a shared goal. It is a continuous process that requires ongoing attention and effort from team leaders or managers.

Module #5 - Strengthening the Employment Relationship (Employee Relations)

Strengthening the employment relationship involves nurturing and enhancing the connection, engagement, and satisfaction between an employer and its employees. It requires creating an environment where employees feel valued, supported, and motivated to contribute their best efforts. We'll discuss several effective strategies to strengthen the employment relationship encompassing several key aspects.

Module #6 - Keeping the Workplace Safe (Occupational Health & Safety / Workplace Wellness)

General health and safety and wellness at work are crucial for creating a positive and productive work environment while ensuring the well-being of employees. These concepts cover a broad range of practices and initiatives aimed at promoting physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as maintaining a safe and secure workplace.

When it comes to health and safety, the focus is on preventing accidents, injuries, and illnesses in the workplace. This involves identifying and evaluating workplace hazards, putting in place appropriate controls, providing necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), and training employees on safe work practices. By giving priority to health and safety, organizations can minimize risks, foster a safety-conscious culture, and comply with relevant regulations and standards.

In addition to physical safety, wellness at work addresses the overall well-being of employees. It includes initiatives that promote mental, emotional, and social health. Examples of such initiatives may include offering access to mental health resources, implementing stress management programs, encouraging work-life balance, promoting physical activity, and creating a supportive and inclusive work environment. Prioritizing employee wellness benefits organizations by improving job satisfaction, boosting productivity, reducing absenteeism, and cultivating a positive organizational culture.

Moreover, wellness at work goes beyond individual well-being and extends to the broader structure and policies of the organization. This entails promoting healthy leadership practices, ensuring fair and equitable treatment, providing opportunities for professional development and growth, and offering employee benefits that support well-being. Organizations that place importance on health and safety, as well as comprehensive wellness programs, demonstrate their commitment to the welfare of their employees and contribute to a positive and thriving work environment.

In conclusion, general health and safety and wellness at work are fundamental for maintaining a safe, healthy, and supportive workplace. By implementing robust health and safety measures and comprehensive wellness programs, organizations can prioritize employee well-being, enhance productivity, and create a positive work culture that values the holistic health of its workforce.

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