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Respectful Workplace Workshops

Build a Positive, Productive Workplace

Establishing a workplace culture of respect is a crucial component in building motivated teams that are happy, healthy, and ultimately, productive. Our workshops are an invaluable tool for any employer striving to build a positive, respectful workplace.

Having a clear policy and providing support through training is key to developing employee confidence and trust. As an added value to the private workshop, we will provide you will a respectful workplace policy which will meet compliance within your jurisdiction. I will work closely with you to customize the program with any specific training required by your organization and employees.


Understand Behaviour

Increase awareness of different behaviours, words, and attitudes to build a respectful workplace.


Group Dynamics

Develop a better understanding of group dynamics and the role each person plays.

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Self Awareness

Encourage staff to develop a conscious understanding of their own behaviour and a more considerate approach with others.

Bullying & Harassment
WorkSafeBC Policy

All employers have a duty to ensure they follow reasonable steps to avoid bullying and harassment in the workplace according to WorkSafeBC policy.

  • Develop a Policy Statement

  • Take Steps to Prevent

  • Procedures for Workers to Report Incidents or Complaints

  • Procedures for How the Employer will Deal Incidents or Complaints

  • Inform Workers of the Policy

  • Train Workers & Supervisors

  • Review Policy & Procedures Annually

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(For full details on WorkSafeBC Policy - visit the WorkSafeBC Website)

Available Workshops

You can pick and choose which workshops work best for you.

1. In-Person
2. Live Virtual Session
3. E-Learning Self-Paced Learning (On-line via The Workplace Academy)

Workshop Delivery Methods


Always treat people the way you want to be treated—with respect. Recognize that, like you, your coworkers, reports, and superiors have rights, opinions, wishes, experience, and competence. They also make mistakes, which are simply lessons to be learned.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand the principles of Respect in the workplace

  • Reasons why we see disrespect in the workplace

  • Getting curious versus blaming

  • How to have effective Courageous Conversations


Each In-Person or Live Virtual Private Workshop
is $775.00 + GST 

Each Self-paced E-Learning Workshop starts at
$2, 000.00
 + a monthly subscription fee per user
(Includes your Respectful Workplace policy)


Workshops range from 90 minutes
to two hours (self-paced versions vary in time to complete)