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Here is what some of them have to say about us...

Natasia Cox –
Fraser Valley
Watersheds Coalition

Sandy Carey -

Platinum Electric

Rose Blaich, Owner

Wellington Natural Health

"Our registered charity was in a growth phase and recently underwent structural staffing changes. As a result of these changes, we needed to address staffing challenges and evaluate our human resources to understand standard compliances and strengthen our human capital. Our organization completed a strategic retreat that identified that we had to grow to support the watershed projects and programs. The leadership staff and directors reached out to Veronica to help understand and address the staffing roles, workloads, and deficiencies through an audit process. The goal was to understand current staffing strengths, identify gaps/needs and understand how to staff for the organization’s future to achieve our mandate and strategic goals. Veronica came highly recommended to our organization by one of our watershed coalition directors. After sharing our needs with her, we believed Veronica was the right fit to help us. She has the expertise and skills to support us through a human resource audit, planning, complete an organization-wide SWOT analysis, and a total compensation package review on the staff positions.  While I anticipate that we will continue to use HR expert support to grow and evolve, the conversations and planning around our staffing needs are easier to understand and discuss. Veronica has helped us identify the core competencies required of our current staff positions and how the core competencies of multiple positions help create an aligned staffing team. In essence, with this HR support, we are addressing the needs, overcoming identified challenges, and starting to set the foundation for staffing in the future. As an independent HR expert, Veronica has completed unbiased human resource research. This helps the organization’s leadership team review the content, ask questions, and make confident decisions.  Veronica can tactfully and respectfully work with a variety of people. She takes a positive, supportive, non-judgmental approach to helping organizations achieve HR compliance. She believes in our organization and its’ potential to make real, lasting impacts on our regional community. This excites and brings fresh perspective and meaning to our team." 

“I've been working in HR for a few years now with little guidance and experience. Veronica reviewed my current policies and procedures, reassured me that I was on the right track and helped educate me with industry updates and where to find reliable information. Before attending one of her workshops, I was feeling overwhelmed and insecure. I felt like I was reinventing the wheel and struggling to put together HR systems. I participated in one of her workshops and was immediately drawn to her knowledge and experience! She has a way of explaining things simply and efficiently. I was nervous that without formal education, I was completely out in the left field with the scope of work I was expected to do. I worried that would be very obvious once opening up to someone with formal HR education and experience.


Since starting with Veronica, I've realized that I have an internal passion for HR, which comes somewhat naturally to me! I've immediately put her advice and suggestions into motion within our company and have seen such a positive employee experience. I feel we're more organized, have adjusted current policies and updates and are ready to roll our new employee handbook! She's attentive and in tune with our company's needs from the beginning. She was very good at asking us the right questions and stepping right into helping in the needed development areas.”

“Prior to working with Veronica, I had very minimal HR knowledge and really did not know where to start to look to learn more. Our company is growing so it felt like the right time to start focusing on the people part of the business to make sure we have everything in place to create a great workplace. I attended one of Veronica’s workshops, and I felt that I could trust her to help me find direction in the HR world. After working with Veronica, I now feel more prepared to run my company knowing that we have all the things in place that we need."

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